We all have the vision how the healthy food looks like. Your imagination usually draws the picture of light meals and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s all so true. A lot of popular foods are hard to digest and make people to feel discomfort, like bloating, flatulence, gas, cramping, diarrhea, acid re-flux. As for example these symptoms can be caused by processed, fried and spicy food, chocolate, coffee, beans, alcohol, raw fruits and vegetables.

A lot of depends on the way the food is cooked and the eating behavior. Actually, if you eat once a day you’ll feel sick. Besides, a huge amount of raw fruits and vegetables contain a lot of insoluble fiber and won’t digest well.

Keep in mind that this is an informational article. Make sure to consult with your doctor if you have any health issues or concerns. đź’® Stay safe

The cuisine that appears to meet the criteria of the one of the healthiest in the world

Ukrainian cuisine has the two-course meal that consists of the soup and the main course. Additionally there are appetizers, salad, desert, etc. However you’ll anyway eat liquid dish firstly and that will amortize the effect of the biggest course on the liver and pancreas.

To tell you the truth, it’s not normal to eat all the food in once. Traditionally, when people went for work in the fields, they usually took healthy home packed take out with them and ate it in small portions.


Ukrainian traditional dishes are healthy cooked

What is the most difficult food to digest? The fact is that even organic ecological food can cause your stomach some discomfort. First of all everything depends on the way how the food is cooked. As you know we all need proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and fibers, but the way you cook even the healthiest products is very important for the digestion.

And I want to underline that in the traditional ethnic Ukrainian cuisine fruits and vegetables were usually cooked and eaten raw in a very small amount. Cooking helps to break down the fiber and this makes them easier to be digested.

Ukrainian ethnic dishes are usually cooked in a mode of steaming, stewing, and baking. As it is well known, these are the healthiest ways to cook.

Ukrainian cuisine has a big variety of different light vegetable broths and stocks, soups, purees, that are super easy to digest.


Ukrainian dishes are made of foods that are super easy to digest

Ukrainian dishes are based on such healthy foods as

  • walnuts
  • beets
  • carrots
  • cooked veggies
  • eggs
  • dried fruits
  • buckwheat
  • mushrooms
  • lean meat
  • garlic
  • berries
  • honey
  • herbs greens

They are full of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and combine healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and fiber.

Despite there are dishes based on whole grains and soaked beans, Ukrainian cuisine is great for people who follow a low-FODMAP diet

Ukrainian food is great for the heart health, skin, hair, weight management, bone health; digestive issues and prevents a lot of deceases like asthma, diabetes, some kinds of cancer. It’s cheap and easy to find. Besides you will feel fuller, and happier.

By the way, beet overlooked as one of the healthiest food in the world, and it’s the basic food in the famous worldwide known Ukrainian beetroot soup Borshch (Borscht).

In conclusion, it’s good for the digestion to eat in moderation, not too much, but not too little, choose easy to digest food, control what you eat and when, and stay healthy