Talking about symbols of the country we usually mean the official ones. However, the true spirit of the land is found in ancient myth and tales, believes of the ancestors and it can’t be erased from the nation’s memory by any manipulations no matter what.

The most bright examples are found in nature Ukrainian semantics.  Flora and fauna objects are the sacred attributes of this nation.

From ancient times Ukrainian people were very proud of the rich beautiful nature around them. Landscapes are very different here from mountains and fast rivers to seas, wide big rivers and unique grassland plains without trees called steppe.

That was a very mindful attitude to everything that surrounded them and those imageries were used in national customs and rituals, folk songs, poems, legends.

And usually people tried their best to make everything they can for sacred animals. For example, this year during unexpected frosts in the middle of February I made birds feeders and helped white storks near the river.


Crane birds are symbolic to many countries in the world.  Usually, they are linked to freedom and honor, royalty, prestige, longevity. It’s believed that the places where they live have good fortune.

There is one interesting ancient Japanese legend about these birds. It says that the wish of the person who makes a thousand of little figures of cranes from paper (origami) will definitely come true.


In Ukraine cranes are associated with very good creatures that kill dangerous snakes, they do a great job and consider to be aidmen of nature.

As cranes leave homes in the autumn season when it gets cold, and come back in spring, they are symbols of anguish for a motherland.

In Ukraine White Stork has also a special sacred meaning.  Storks symbolize family and it’s a very positive sign if they live near the house or have a nest on its roof. And they are the metaphorical birds who carry children to the family, so to say.

In the end, I want to underline that it’s very important to know how people treat nature. It shows the character of the nation and the individuals. As for me, I’m so proud to be Ukrainian, the part of such a caring nation with deep roots and a rich soul.