Maillard reaction gives browned grilled, roasted and baked food its distinctive flavour.✨ 👉 Find out more 🔗 MAILLARD REACTION: ALL TRUTH ABOUT FRAGRANT CRUST

“The Maillard reaction is a complex cascade of chemical reactions, initiated by the deceptively simple condensation of an amine with a carbonyl group, often within a reducing sugar or fat breakdown product  During the course of the Maillard reaction, reactive intermediates, such as α-dicarbonyl compounds and deoxysones, are generated and lead to the production of a wide range of compounds, including polymerised brown pigments called melanoidins, furan derivatives, nitrogenous, and heterocyclic compounds. Protein cross-links form a subset of the many reaction products, and the cross-linking of food proteins by the Maillard reaction during food processing” (Fayle and Gerrard 2002, Friedman 1996a).

Let’s discuss this Sunday:

✅How does the Maillard reaction occur?

✅Is it safe for health?

✅How to decrease the level of carcinogen formed at high temperatures?

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