As you know, this winter season the weather in Ukraine has been very warm and mild. And in the middle of February the severe frosts came with heavy snows and wind.

The problem was that nature has started to wake up and the crane birds came back home from warm countries.


Recently the weather has been getting worse and I started to make bird feeders for local feathered creatures. Together with my followers we made a plan which grains to take and when to check on them.

And once I went for a morning run and saw white storks in the sky near a river. The temperature outside was -15 C (5 F).

They were circling high in the sky and everything was covered with snow.

As I’ve already said, Ukrainians have always treated birds good. It comes from deep inside the soul to protect them and to worry if they come back home too early from warm countries.

So, I went to the banks of the river nearby and put some fish for crane birds, who came home just in time, on February 2, but it was still too cold here.

Additionally, for local birds, there are bird feeders everywhere, even in the center of towns. And it’s a popular tradition to have one near the house.

And my readers had the opportunity to follow all my steps of helping starlings in the bushes near a railway station in the severe frosts.