Hi guys!

I’m Lilka Sky and today we’ll talk about the main thing that will help to fight and prevent COVID19. As a certificated dietician consultant, nutritionist and a proud chef etnocook, I’m truly concerned about the fake information that is spread about different so-called “cures” from the disease caused by a new coronavirus.

⚠ However, officially, the World Health Organization has stated that there’s no cure and vaccine from COVID19 for now.
And keep in mind that a social distance will work 100% only in case of a total isolation for a year; otherwise there always will be risks. ⛔

So, are there any ways or methods to keep safe from the disease?

From this video you’ll learn how to keep your immune system strong and to defense against viruses. In addition you’ll know how simple things like a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and a good sleep can keep you healthy.

Stay safe and smart!
Your Lilka Sky