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As a specialist in wellness and wellbeing, I have to admit a well-known fact that health is about all, number one out of everything else. During a long period of time, I’m answering your questions on how to boost the immune system with the help of food. And as a dietitian and nutritionist, I can tell you that to stay healthy we need to eat healthily and to keep balance.

Step-by-step recipe on Etnocook: https://etnocook.com/roast-duck-with-apples-honey-and-ukrainian-herbs/

Video recipe:

As I’ve told you in my previous videos about staying safe during the pandemic times, our immune system needs different components to stay strong, and among them the amino acid arginine. It is also essential for teens, people in recovery from injures, with damaged small intestine or kidney. Actually, we talked a lot in details what to do and how to consume arginine from different sources.

Today I’ve cooked a super delicious roasted duck with Ukrainian herbs, honey and apples, and its meat is a great source of arginine! It took me quite some time and effort, but the results were really fantastic!

Additionally, duck meat has a lot of benefits, just have a look:

  • a healthy source of protein (building and repairing the body’s cells, muscle, enhances the immune system,
  • improves the overall health of skin, hair, nails). Besides, some of the proteins from duck meat act as enzymes
  • duck skin provides a large concentration of an important amino acid glycine (good for skin health and wound healing, improves sleep quality), meat contains arginine and other amino acids

However, I call you to pay additional attention to the quality of the duck meat, where it was grown, and what it ate. Try to use only organic meat from ecological areas because environmental pollutants such as mercury can be an issue with duck meat.

To sum up, duck is a type of poultry that offers a moderate amount of protein. It’s a good source of B vitamins, selenium (a mineral that is kind of antioxidant), phosphorus, iron, zinc, and copper.

Enjoy my video, use the recipe from the link in bio, and cook an amazing healthy dish that improves your health and mood.

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