The technology how to make bread was well known to our ancestors. From ancient times Ukrainian people made bread from sour dough. Very popular were the simplest sourdough starter made from flour and warm water, and Hops sourdough starter (Hmeleva zakvaska).  For everyday they used rye flour and wheat flour was used on holidays.  The whole process was a ritual full of mysterious magic.

Paska or Babka is one of the most world known Ukrainian ritual bread made by Ukrainian ancestries centuries ago on traditional every year Spring Holiday.  Paska symbolizes the Sun, the men’s power, the big future harvest.

Bread followed every person through a lifetime and made an invisible connection to the Universe. It was the first present at birth, an initiation, for birthdays, weddings, holidays and funerals.

Bread has a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the event and purpose: great – as gathered harvest, round – as the sun, elegant and artfully decorated -like symbol of the rich and happy married life.

Traditionally bread is made from flour, dough starter and water and to make the taste especially better were added different ingredients such as milk and eggs.