The real winter has come to Ukraine. In this frosty weather the perfect dish for dinner is a bowl of the hot Ukrainian beetroot soup Borshch.

As it is well known, Borshch is made from a dozen ingredients. The broth for it can be used made of meat or vegetable, and Etnocook reminds you that the ancient variant was made without potatoes. The taste of this soup is rich and various, for many this is a taste of the Ukrainian childhood. A little bit sour taste of the Ukrainian beetroot soup Borshch gives an unique impression, which is worth enough for you to try.

Recently I’ve received a letter with questions about recipes of the Ukrainian Borshch from the Etnocook’s Canadian reader. They were very interesting and I want to answer them as the similar questions pop up on the quite regular basis. The author is remained anonymous.

That was a question about how to make this famous all over the world Ukrainian soup taste sour.

My dear friends, this’s so easy! Just add some beet kvass in the end of cooking. It can be replaced by lemon juice. Some people use sour salt (citric acid) or tartaric acid, just a pinch (though I don’t recommend, as to use natural products is a more healthier decision). By the way if you use sour cabbage in your Borshch that can be enough for a sour taste.

Have a nice day and tasty Ukrainian soups!