Hi! How are you? How are the quarantine days going?  A lot of people around have a huge amount of free time nowadays.  How do you use it? Do you improve your body, soul and environment?
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Learning and improving your knowledge is so important. I use every opportunity to get new useful information and to become better, so it’s a great opportunity to use all this free time now for studying. In addition, if courses have a CPD (Continuing Professional Development Accreditation) it’s great for the career awareness.

Recently I’ve got some troubles how to upgrade a course on Coursera from audition to certificated, and it appeared to be not so obvious.


Those who tell that it’s easy and friendly interface are big fat liars! And the official support doesn’t help, I looked for the information everywhere and found only more people in the same need.

Finally, I’ve unexpectedly found the solution by myself. In case if you need the instructions, I’ve attached the print screens to photos.

View instruction in full size

Stay safe and smart!

Your Lilka Sky ♥